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Εὖρος Eurus

 In Contrast to  Aura, Εὖρος EURUS is a red, hot, furious little amplifier. It employs a pair of 2A3 and a pair of 5693 in (pentode mode) tubes, the output transformers are Tango XE-20S. Listening to music with this little amp is a divine experience.

Αὔρα ‘Aura’

 This amplifier can produce 4.5 Watt per channel. It is a breath of fresh air its name is Αὔρα Aura . It employs a pair of 2A3 and E86C tubes, the output transformer is Tango XE-20S.

Ὠρίων ‘Orion’

 This little Giant amplifier is  ΩΡΙΩΝ , Orion , and employs a pair of 300B output tubes in parallel feed configuration and a pair of 8556 aka EC8010 driver tubes . 

 There were no shortcuts for the components used in this amplifier , on the contrary it is a ridiculously over-designed and heavy amplifier for its output power . 

 Heavy is also the CO2 footprint of the amp and it certainly does not conform to DIN .

Πανδώρα ‘Pandora’

 Very few people know that when ΠΑΝΔΩΡΑ , Pandora , opened her box, one of the demons released was the Push-Pull configuration that hounds us down until today. 

  This amplifier is in Push-Pull configuration and is built around a pair of D3A and a quad of 2A3 tubes. It employs a pair of Lundahl LL1660 interstage transformers and a pair of Tamura F-683 output transformers.

Ἑστία ‘Hestia’

 ΕΣΤΙΑ , Hestia ( latin Vesta ) , is the fire place , home , a place of comfort as most of the 2A3 amplifiers I have listen to or built . 

 There has to be something completely wrong if an 2A3 amp does not sound exquisitely .

Ἑκάτη ‘Hekate’

 This tiny magic amplifier can produce 2.5 Watt per channel that is enough for high sensitivity loudspeakers to be played at moderate levels.

The name is  EKATH , Hekate , and employs a pair of EML20B and E90CC tubes, the output transformer is LL2735B.

Ἥφαιστος ‘Hephaestus’

  And the name of this amplifier shall be ΗΦΑΙΣΤΟΣ , Hephaestus (lat.Vulkan) .

  Hephaestus was the god of technology, metallurgy and fire among others. He symbolizes the transaction from agricultural to industrial society thus the belief that he was physically deformed.

  His wife was the adulterous Aphrodite and that leads us to the conclusion that industrialists get the best , but there is still place for others.

 The name ΗΦΑΙΣΤΟΣ refers to the operating heat

and the industrial look of the amplifier.

This is a large amplifier  employs : 

E806C - EML 300B XLS - EML520B or : 

E806c - EML 300B XLS - EML1605.

Rated power output 20 - 25Watts.

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